Remote internships are most common for internet-friendly jobs, such as
marketing, information technology, software programming, web design, and
business admin, which are key to succeeding in a virtual role since your
colleagues will be across the country instead of across the office.

GRI would love to provide college students with precious opportunities to
interact with global companies and gain valuable hands-on experience. GRI
would also love to help employers in the U.S. grow through the recruitment of
talented, highly ambitious interns from the various universities who could work

Benefits for Students
1. You will receive full support from us for a successful internship for your
career development during your busy school hours.
2. You can work around your class schedule and study.
3. You can work from your dorm room, the common areas, the lawn on a
sunny day — wherever you want.

What We Offer
1. Help on creating resumes/cover letter in English
2. Train interview methods and conduct mock interviews.
3. Educate about working life in America.
4. Arrange a Video Interview with Company
5. Provide weekly video meeting with your supervisor/colleagues during
the internship
6. Provide a corporate recommendation letter
7. Provide the internship completion certificate

Applications Due: 8/18/20
Internship Period: September 1, 2020 – October 9, 2020 (6 weeks)

The start date and period of work can be adjusted according to your school schedule.

For more information, please contact us at or