We are connecting Korean college students and global companies to create the synergy that can bring positive influence to both. The students will develop their careers and gain global work experience through internship programs, while the companies will promote diversity and innovation by experiencing the international culture. The internship will be held virtually with a weekly meeting to build a connection across the nations efficiently. After the program, students will receive academic credit and a letter of recommendation, and companies will be given an option to give a full-time offer to exceptional interns.

Due to COVID-19, the internship will be entirely remote with regular conference calls and task tracking to ensure maximum efficiency across time zones. PLUS Career will be available to assist at any time during the program.

GRI is affiliated with PLUS Career, an HR Consulting company affiliated with COED Group founded by Korean-American CPAs, CFAs, attorneys, and professors of business management in October 2007. See more information about PLUS Career and COED Group.