PLUS Career is proud to be a successful and ambitious recruitment agency specializing in students, graduates, and local job seekers looking to land dream careers in the United States. We have managed to reach hundreds of potential job seekers from entry-level to experienced level through our own company network and social networking activities. Providing each individual with excellent and professional service throughout the entire process, we have formed an exceptional working connection in the business.

Our success comes from the continuous hard work, friendliness, enthusiasm, energy, and ambitions of our recruiters and candidates. As a leader of the HR consulting agency founded by CPAs, CFAs, attorneys, and professors of business management in 2007, we have established trust with our hard work, closer connections with candidates and companies. Our company is located in Manhattan, NY and has branches in New Jersey, California, Washington D.C., and South Korea.

PLUS Career has an international network of hundreds of internships and job positions in business, marketing, design, trade, media, and other disciplines that allow you to find a position that matches your experience and desired career path. This unique chance to access exclusive networking and career development opportunities will be invaluable.

PLUS Career promises to be everyone’s sincere partners for future careers and will be there every step of the way, hoping to become one of the greatest premier information sources for both local companies  and international job seekers.