Career Coaching

  • We will provide assistance and advice on writing and revising your resume and updating your Linkedin to reach professional level.
  • You will have a meeting with us after your internship to evaluate your work performance and provide feedback accordingly.
  • We will provide online sessions for career development.
  • You will have multiple mock interviews with us to improve your interview skills and prepare for your future job interviews.

Communication with Us on a Regular Basis

  • We will take care of you before and after your internship for your successful career development.
  • We will communicate with you and partner companies regularly to determine how your internship is going and ensure you are on the right track.


  • You will be meeting professionals and experts from various fields to enhance not only your internship experience but also your future career.

Various Internship Session Dates

  • You will be given multiple options for an internship period and start date so that you can adjust them to fit your schedule.
  • The timeframe for projects will need to be discussed with your matching company and may not be able to adjust on your own.

Academic Credit for Your Internship

  • Credit hours will vary according to your working hours.