To build a pleasant future together for a client’s stable, successful life in America with the support of top experts from various fields based on education and consulting 

CEO’s Message

What does a successful life mean to you? What about a pleasant life?

Everyone lives with every single different goal and standard.

COED Group is a Korea-based agency, with the title of “first-ever,” where top experts, from various fields, discover a meaningful, successful path to take a step forward new challenges in America. Based on education, the base and core of improvement and growth, experts of accountancy, law, and HR are here together for those who dream of a new start and challenge in the future. Discovered the new path that no one pioneered before, we are promoting from the title of “first-ever” to “best-ever.” We can confidently tell that we keep improving with recognition of our capability.

Kris Nam

COED Group Founder  / PLUS Career CEO

Attorney / CPA