Will I be paid during the internship?

  • The internship will be unpaid. However, you can get academic credit. Please contact your University to learn more about the procedure and the required documentation.

Will I work individually or in a team?

  • You can work either individually or as a team. Please discuss with your matching company.

What is the cost for the GRI program?

  • The cost to participate in the GRI program is $2,000. 

How will I communicate with my company when interning?

  • Communication will be done via email, conference calls, and other chat tools. You will have a weekly meeting with your host company for task tracking. Due to different time zones, you may need to adjust to your host company’s time zone. Please be aware you should always communicate with your host company promptly for the best work efficiency.

Is a visa required for the GRI program?

  • No, a visa is not required as you can work wherever you are eligible to work. That being so, our program will not sponsor any visa to work in the United States.

How will I be matched with a company?

  • We will receive a detailed  job description and employee preference from our host companies in advance. After your interview with us, we will consider your interest and skills that best match one of our host companies.

How many hours will I be required to work?

  • Although a remote internship offers flexibility, you will be required to work a certain amount of hours per week to meet your host company’s expectations and produce the best-quality project outcomes. If you want to earn academic credit, you may be asked to work more than the minimum working hours. Please discuss with your host company to adjust your work schedule.

Which industries are available for the internship?

  • We are doing our best to provide internship opportunities to as many students as we can. Currently, we are offering the Software Engineering Internship Program that tech-related students, including CS, IT and SW Engineering students, are eligible to apply. However, we also do offer the General Internship Program concentrating on the field of business, design, etc. Any students who are interested in these fields are eligible to apply for this program.