Improving Cultural Diversity

  • Moving forwards globalization, you will gain a unique opportunity to experience and learn international culture by interacting with international students and promote your workplace culture through the diversity.

Bringing New Ideas

  • You will accelerate innovation through Generation Z, who can bring fresh, trendy ideas and influence by taking diverse perspectives and thinking outside the box.

Finding Your Best Fit 

  • It is your opportunity to find exceptional candidates you may not be able to find in America. You will have an option to give a full-time offer to interns with the best fit.

How It Works

We offer you passionate and qualified candidates. When matching our applicants to companies, we recruit and screen every applicant to ensure they meet the standards of companies. Our screening process involves interviews, reference checks, a background screen, and skills testing for all candidates. We use our tools and experiences to ensure that we provide you with exceptional professionals. GRI will provide best staffing services through our diversified program.

(Please note the process will be taken at no cost and the internship will be unpaid.)

Step 1 Submit Your Application

  • Submit your application and 6-week project plan form.

Step 2 Meet Us

  • You will have a meeting with us to discuss how you will contribute to the program and help students gain successful internship experience.

Step 3 Review Applications to Find Qualified Candidates

  • We will send you applications submitted by students whose skills match your preferences. Review the applications and select candidates to interview.

Step 4 Set Up an Interview

  • Interview candidates and select the most qualified candidates for the position.