Step 1 Complete Your Application

Step 2 Meet Us Virtually

  • We will evaluate your skills and potential to determine if you are qualified for the program.

Step 3 Pay Your Registration Fee

  • After accepted to the program, you will need to pay the registration fee to confirm your acceptance.

Step 4 Update Your Resume with Our Resume Consultants

  • Before sending your resume to our host companies for matching, we will help you editing and updating your resume.

Step 5 Await Your Matching

  • Our partner companies will review your application to evaluate your qualification.

Step 6 Prepare for Your Interview

  • Once you are matched with one of our partner companies, we will help you with a mock interview so you can be fully prepared for an actual job interview with your matching company.

Step 7 Do an Interview with Our Host Company

Step 8 Accept Your Official Internship Offer

  • Once you are accepted to your matching position, we will send you an official offer letter.