Below are testimonials provided by our partner companies for interns participated in our 2020 Summer Remote Internship Program.

Performance Coach/Author – SF/NY Area – Dr. Bernstein 

“He provided excellent service as an intern, performing a variety of tasks, some of which were quite complex. These included: extensive web searches for data gathering, data entry using Excel spreadsheets, full review of current literature on stress and suicide amongst teenagers, as well as conducting student interviews on stress and test anxieties.”

“In all of his internship activities he was willing, hardworking and on time with assignments.  He asked questions when my directions needed clarification, and was able to work independently in all matters. His work was careful and complete, which — in terms of data gathering and data entry— was absolutely essential.” 

Music distribution and promotion company serving artists and labels – SF Area – S. Lim, Manager

“During the internship, he demonstrated good analytic and production skills with a self-motivated attitude to learn new knowledge. His overall perfor-mance exceeded expectations and completed the assigned works successfully on time as a playlist curation Intern.” 

Domestic Limited-Liability Co. – NY Area – W. Chen, CEO

“During the summer, he has worked for us directly as an intern with our main office. In this role, he performed various financial modeling and appraisal tasks, including DCF modeling of multifamily properties and valuation tasks. For instance, he made fifteen financial modelings for valuation and also created property valuations reports about another fifteen real estate deals. We have been impressed with his consistently improving analytical skills after reviewing the outcomes.” 

Technology Co. – SF Area – J. Lee, CEO

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard‐working. Beyond that, he has an impressive problem‐solving, communication skills who is always self‐motivated in his duties.  His knowledge and expertise was a huge advantage to our entire office.  Along with his undeniable talent, I have always been an absolute joy to work with him. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.” 

Below are testimonials provided by our partner companies for our previous interns.

Jeff Wallace & Kali Ilunga at Silicon Valley in Your Pocket

“She not only did the tasks she was provided with great skill, but she proactively offered thoughts, opinions and ideas to better improve our business. She helped us craft content strategies, marketing and social media campaigns, outreach initiatives and more. In fact, she functioned at a level above where we expected and it was a definite benefit for us.”

Jeong Huh, Director of Operations at Senda Athletics

“I was impressed with his strong ethic, enthusiasm, motivations, initiative, and ability to meet standard that we look for from interns. He became a valued team member of the company.”

Kim Huggett, President & CEO at Hayward Chamber of Commerce

“She excelled at everything we asked of her. Her social media communication skills were well demonstrated. She maintained our Facebook page, posted updates on events and workshops.”

Tae Nho, Vice President at San Francisco Zoological Society

“He is a quick learner who works independently and has a very high level of knowledge on IT-related technologies. An amicable person, he got along really well with his co-workers as well.”