Below are testimonials provided by students participated in our 2020 Summer Remote Internship Program.

J. K** ● MA Area Univ ● Music in Piano Performance and Electronic Production and Design Major – Junior ● Global Music Distribution Culture Technology Co., CA  

My job was to curate my YouTube playlist. Based on the sound source provided by the company, I made a playlist on the YouTube channel, discussed the order of the songs, discussed ways to differentiate the album, and created the title.”

“When I first received the song, it was too complicated and I didn’t know how to organize it. However, I felt the importance of working as a team as I had meetings and communicated with other interns and team leaders, creating shared folders and organizing and modifying them little by little every day.”  

J. N** ● Ohio Area Univ ● Computer Science Major – Junior ● IT Consulting Co., NY  

“My duties were web development by using Magento2 and the errors and various problems that occurred when I participated in the online menu App project.”

“I tested various cases and there were many situations where I had to develop them considering the positions of sellers and buyers at the same time, so I felt like I had grown one step further through various work experiences related to my major. When I solved the various errors and problems that occurred, I felt most rewarding.” 

H. R** ● WA Area Univ ● Chemistry Major – Junior ● Creative Fashion Designers and K-Beauty Shop., NY

“I compiled and submitted daily sales reports to help MDs. Also, I translated the advertisement of Korean cosmetics into English and posted about 12-15 new products per day on the website. I wrote the product introduction and material for each product and worked on making thumbnails with Photoshop.”

“PLUS Career helped me write my resume, and provided thorough and realistic feedback to prepare for the interview through a mock interview.”

K. S*** ● NY Area Univ ● Mathematics & Economic Major – Senior ● Global Music Distribution Culture Technology Co., CA  

“I collected data on many competitive platforms that exist in the market today, and based on that, I analyzed how the various factors correlate. I didn’t know what the results were going to be, but I found a lot of meaningful results while doing various analyses, and I felt very proud when I submitted with the report.”

“I got to understand more about the field of online marketing while doing my job, and I think it was an opportunity to apply many parts related to my major.”

J. C** ● NY Area Univ ● Master in Real Estate Practice ● Real Estate Investment Capital Co., NY  

“Originally, finding an internship in the real estate sector was a tough process, and I almost gave up internship applications this summer because of COVID-19. With the help of PLUS Career, I was introduced to a real estate company that had started working remotely.  During the internship, my main tasks were profitability analysis and market analysis through financial modeling. I have learned decision making after analyzing sales, setting up scenarios for expected variables, and conducting detailed analysis from financing to selling options. I realized that the professional analysis required by practice was very high and the real estate knowledge I had learned in my previous internship or graduate school was only the basis for starting a social life.”

“I enjoyed working remotely as it caused less strain on my relationships and allowed me to choose where to work. Above all, working remotely allowed me to concentrate since I only had my work to focus on. Remote work is best for those who want to focus on work without having to worry about office politics.”

“The best thing about working as remotely was that there was no unnecessary stress on relationships and that you could work where you wanted to work. Above all, I felt that my concentration was very high because I could focus only on my work. I think it’s the best choice for those who prefer freedom to internal politics, and those who want to come to work and focus on their work.”

H. C** ● NY Area Univ ● Game Design and Dev. major – Sophomore ● Social VR gaming studio Co., SF 

“I worked on making logo animations for games, editing promotional videos, making websites, and testing games. I used programs such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visual Studios. Also, I played games with the team once a week and gave feedback at the meeting. It is very difficult for Korean students to find an internship in the U.S., but thanks to a PLUS Career, I was able to find a company that suits my major for my first internship.”  

“It was convenient because I could work remotely without setting aside time for commuting to stay and work in Korea. There were many students who lost their jobs because of COVID-19, and I was glad to be able to work remotely during this time and developed my career.  I recommend the PLUS Career Internship program for students with little work experience or international students looking for their first internship.”  

J. N** ● NY Area Univ ● CS major – Senior ● IT Consulting Co., NY

“I learned and used various languages and systems such as Magento2, React, My SQL, Java, CSS, HTML. Through this, we participated in various projects such as an Amazon-based shopping mall website development and an online menu application project that can be used in COVID-19 struck world.”  

“My most memorable task was fixing the various errors and problems that occurred while participating in online menu application projects. I tested different cases, all while considering the perspectives of both the seller and the buyer. When I finally solved the errors and problems, it was incredibly rewarding. Overall, I felt that I had grown as a computer major through this internship.”